ERPNext Mobile App on Android 4.X: left bar come over right bar

I downloaded ERPnext mobile app for samsung (Android), I was able to login for the ERPnext version 7 but after selecting any module (stock or sales or crm or … etc), then the right side bar is wide and coming over the right side screen which contains the documents or the list, so I am not able to work.
Anyone faced this trouble? What is the solution?
Is it better in the iPhone?
Appreciate the kindly help.
My ERPnext version is v7.0.26 & The Framework is v7.0.19 (Actually I downloaded as virtual machine from the erpnext website).


Can you please share screenshots?

I also have same issue


Left bar is for temporary selection. Once module is selected from Left bar, it gets hidden, and you are able to view complete module view.

Hello Umair;
I understand what u said, but the case is different here because the left bar is staying appear and covering the whole screen and not able to see any thing on the right side as u see in the attachment>

Any advise?

Any Advise?

I faced the same issue with all android 4.x and erpnext 7.2. (Tested it on 5 phones so far)
The same problem if using built in browser.
You won’t see this if using another browser like chrome on android 4.x
The APK working great on android 5 and above but it is unfortunate to not be able to make a work around for the APK on android 4 since most phones with android 4 can’t upgrade. And they are a lot compared to those with android 5 and above!


No. It doesn’t work. The left side bar doesn’t go. Rendering the app useless.

Hello Rotech;
In which android does not work?