ERPNext on LXD (not LSD)

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have been driven away from docker a bit due to the latest separation between and open Community- vs a (not so open anymore) Enterprise Edition (which I don’t like). I rememberd @fblauer talking about using Linux Containers and LXD and am looking into this now a bit

this one

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Another option I have used a lot is to use Proxmox which is open source which is a hypervisor management too which you can use to deploy kvm and lxc containers.

It’s very good but may be a bit OTT for some needs


thanks for sharing about Proxmox (Proxmox VE for everyone who is interested). That comes wit a web graphical interace, right? Would you mind sharing your setup in detail?

I think LXD aswell positions itself as sort of a ‘Hypervisor’ for Linux Containers.


Yes sorry for not including the url for Proxmox I was in a rush earlier :wink:

I don’t actually use Proxmox to orchestrate VM’s from ERPNext, but I have used it many times over the last 6-7 years for a number of FLOSS projects. Currently I use it for a Nextcloud install I have as a container.

A couple of points. LXD (LXC) in Proxmox is a little less mature than KVM, but has matured greatly since its inception about a year back replacing the older VZ containers technology. The LXC containers are much lighter-weight and use a fraction of memory than a normal install or in a KVM VM. I did have some issues with networking where I couldn’t get the internal os to see the internet but I think this was because of my router rather than Proxmox itself. The Proxmox community is great and the authors (like ERPNext) are present in the forums to give advice and help you along.

Proxmox can scale to ridiculous levels with failover, load balancing, many high level storage models, etc, etc.

Hope this helps. Nothing wrong with Docker, but there are always options in the FLOSS world which may work even better depending on your use case.

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thanks for sharing

Pleased to help. :slight_smile:

plaid around a bit with proxmox (installed in a VM from the proxmox installation image).
I can not finalize to spin up a Container/VM because the dropdown for template just won’t show anything though.

Can it be you only get access to the ‘templates’ after signing up for a subscription plan?

@fblauer would you mind to share how you have setup (and maintain) your Containerized ERPNext stack?

especially how you handle testing prior to updating your production server would be an interesting read. Do you im- / export your database for that purpose a lit or is there any smarter solution utilizing the ‘copy on write’ features containers have?


Its just a nag screen


still the dropdown just doesn’t show any templates when I try to start any VM or CON. Which then does not get you to pass to the next step in the creating process. Seems I have to play a little more

I cant spend too long at the moment, but believe you need to set up a shared list of install mediums ie iso’s, and the Turnkey Linux containers that are available in Proxmox LXC need something configuring to allow these to be used first.

Appreciate if someone can share a guide on how Proxmox-LXD-ERPNext can be used.