Erpnext on Ubuntu 20.10 in Rasp Pi4


Now that Rasp Pi4 8GB RAM officially supported by Ubuntu 20.10, any one has tried installing Erpnext on Rasp Pi4 with this support?

I would want to try, so any problems do we foresee? I have seen earlier many attempts on older Rasp Pi and Ubuntu loaded with problems, but I wonder if Ubuntu 20.10 is successful, why erpnext should have any problem installing on top of that.

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custom built arm64 Frappe Framework Images are working on docker.
I didn’t build ERPNext images.

@sahilk25 tried those images on raspberry pi k8s cluster, and we were able to access the site.

If you are interested you can build your own images from official Dockerfile(s), follow Docker images for arm64 · Issue #380 · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub

Why not official arm64 images?

  • it takes 50+ min to build worker images (building pandas wheel takes time)
  • it takes 2.5 hrs to make nginx images (node-sass binaries build takes time)
  • Enthusiasts can build their own using official repo
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I got it working on Raspbian using the official docker swarm instructions. Had to make a few changes to the Dockerfiles to build the images. All the changes are here -

And the docker images are here -

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For MariaDB, I used Docker

I have a PI4 Instance, (host OS - Ubuntu V22) and Tried to run the Image with command docker run -it , after a few seconds I get the error "MARIADB_HOST or POSTGRES_HOST is not set.

Can you please help fix the error, I have no clue how to fix this one