ERPNext One instance (backend) for two companies

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I have two companies and i want to split them on erpnext use two different domains but control them from the same backend ex control company2,com from one backend is this possible to do with erpnext


Hi @megaman1

When on your bench use can use bench --site {SITE_NAME} add-domain --help for information about the command.

Basically, it aliases the specified domain to that site. So any number of domains added via add-domain can point to one site. Just know you will have to rebuild your NGINX config after adding the domain.

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It is possible via multi-tenancy.

Refer these:

  1. Setup Multitenancy
  2. Multi Bench Setup with DNS based multitenancy at Production Server. How To?
  3. DNS based multi-tenancy: Getting started

Thanks @dj12djdjs @anupd How can i make it like demo apps can create more than app from backend without using bench or CLI make it . create a new separate app same like demos can be created more than instance on its sub-domain i hope you can help