ERPNext Performance Issues on Sales Orders

Greetings. I am having problems with performance on Sales Orders that contain over (roughly) 100 items. As soon as we are over 100 items the sales order itself runs very slowly, loads slowly, and we get timeout errors on actions like submit, or duplicate. Navigating the sales order itself causes blank parts of screen as you scroll down and you have to wait until the page loads to do anything. And then when trying to add a new row, selecting items and and entering quantities and price is very slow.

Here is the system info:

ERPNext 12.24.0
Frappe Framework 12.21.1
ERPNext is a Bitnami Deployment Hosted on an Azure VM
Most users on at time are 8

Things I have tried to do to alleviate issues:

  1. Upgraded VM - I went from 2 cpu 4 Gig Ram to 4 cpu 16 Gig Ram - did not help
  2. Increased innodb_buffer_pool_size to 2 Gigs (this was done prior to the VM upgrade and I have not adjusted it yet to reflect the increased RAM
  3. I tried to increase the number of Gunicorn workers, however after changing in the common sit config file I run bench setup supervisor (this works) BUT sudo supervisorctl reread and sudo supervisorctl update gives me an error no command found.

So I’m at a loss at what to try next. When I monitor the CPU usage and Memory usage while at the same time trying to open and edit one of our large Sales orders (427 Lines) it seems things are ok, neither CPU or Memory maxes out, though I did see it max out once right when a Request timed Out error popped up.

Any ideas or suggestions on this problem would be appreciated! If there is any more information you need let me know.




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