ERPNext Roadmap Document [Long Term Goal]


We want to take lead in organizing roadmap as mentioned in post

here are initial list, please feel free to update it

Merge other Domains:

  • Health Care/Clinic Management
  • Fleet Management
  • POS for Restaurant

Mobile APP Improvement

  • Push Notification
  • Location tracking for User, Customer, Warehouse


  1. User Manual

  2. Developer Documentation

  3. Documentation of all library/plugin used in Frappe with version

Integration with third party:

  • Google/ G Suite Integration
  • Woo commerce Integration
  • Weight bridge / Biometric Attendance Integration
  • Bank Reconciliation with Bank API
  • Blue Dart, UPS integration

Module Improvement:
Account Reports:
CRM Improvement:
HR Module:
Process Payroll
Attendance using Biometric Attendance

Item Configuration
Quotation from BOM, Fixed Item Configurator

Serial Number/Batch Selection

Please comment if you want to help.



What is the time frame of “long term goal” that you have in mind? The linked conversation turned into a forum on:

  • fixing known issues and bugs
  • establishing stable release management processes with emphasis on feature and usability stability
  • figuring out how to do some kind of long term support for prior versions
  • updating the documentation to make current code and also incorporating changes in release management process to keep it current
  • improving existing modules functionality to bring them in line with other similar platforms (or even better) and not focus on new modules/apps.

On the last bullet, see my post about accounting module as a good example: ERPNext Accounts compared to OODO

So while your list is a good “big picture” list of thoughts/features, it does not give context as to timing, nor does it cover what the community is asking for right now.

I proposed in post #24 - [Roadmap] Path to v9 - #24 by James_Robertson - of the roadmap discussion some closer to home goals and v9 being much more about the underlying framework, e.g. upgrade to newer version of python.

Unfortunately, this kind of forum tool does not lend itself to something like developing a road map. I would assume there are some options of other tools, but I don’t know of any. Maybe that is what would be a good idea to move on with to help drive thoughts and consensus.


It seems focused on new feature rather than consolidating what is already in place.

  • Primary key (name) as auto increment identity field

  • Link input like <select><option> html tag, something like select2 or selectize or bootstrap-select

  • job scheduler refactoring, in order to be able to set jobs in a cron like format i.e: 15 06 02 Jan *, 30 22 * * Mon,Wed,Fri, would be possible to use rq-scheduler

  • Tabular form view


Minors but it will make it far better in short term

  1. Scrollable editable grid
  2. Report view to use ‘report like’ client side filtering
  3. Mutliple selection of SO to DN/Invoice and vice versa flow
  4. Purchase invoice to update stock valuation if the rate is diffirent with purchase receipt

I think it would also be good to focus and improve on existing features, like:

  • Accounting: Revaluation on Multi-currency Selling / Buying
  • Making a “Graceful” upgrade mechanism so that people upgrading from lower versions don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.
  • Backwards compatibility so that schemas/apps in higher versions can be freely used in lower versions.

Additional Workflows would also be good. But basically, I agree with @JoEz , @James_Robertson, and @jof2jc on working on existing features and not just new ones.



I will add your point in account module improvement.

This long term goad does not have any specific time line, but if one feature asked by many community member, then we can add bounty to speed up its development or anyone can contribute it in core product. The goal is so bring developer on one platform and stop them from

For short term goal, @Foundation is planing 3 Month goal and hiring some developer. so in that topic you can add sort term goal for v9.

@littlehera @jof2jc

I will add your point

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Thanks @kolate_sambhaji for taking the lead on this.

Please add social login (you can only use social login in web version)[quote=“kolate_sambhaji, post:1, topic:23965”]
Quotation from BOM

Also I think we should have a “project tasks from SOs”.
In Project we should have “task group/nested tasks” (not dependencies, this is a different concept) and milestones tasks

There are several issue in github with enhancements that could (or not :slight_smile: ) enter in this list.

I know this is a very draft list, but as soon as it get more complete why not use the github tools project and milestones? Or at least create a new thread for each os this points to be discussed in detail.

Thanks @kolate_sambhaji for this great initiative.

I completely agree with that and afraid this will end up as a duplicate thread of [Roadmap] Path to v9. In my opinion we have some specific requirements here, so not really sure whether we could make use of any existing tools. An alternative approach would be to build an app and host it on We will only list the

  • Top level requirements
  • bounty contributions
  • developer contributions
  • Normal votes

Based on those three votes, we could come up with a priority number for all the roadmap items, which helps in prioritising them for appropriate releases. Perhaps some one good at programming could automatically import github issues with a new label ‘roadmap’, so that the app will be only used for prioritising the roadmap items. If this sounds like a good option, I am willing to spend some time, but note I have only started experimenting with erpnext…



I have made one google document for long term goal.
Anyone can edit it.
It will help to get bounty on common features. Please feel free to edit it.



I would like to see more direct integration with IOT platforms / devices etc.

Maybe we should add a decent nodejs rfid reader/writer library to frappe framework. I see many applications. controlling gates, lockers, tracking assets etc.

Another area would be Block chain transactions (Like Bitcoin ), sooner or later money will be all digital and mostly block chain. we need to be prepared to handle those transactions within erpnext. Maybe erpnext can be the first business software to do it. This might encourage adoptions in regions like South America, China, Korea where Block Chain based currencies are on an exponential rise.


can we use github for such things?

we have received a cooperation request from someone from the Dash Community (@Nick1), not so long ago which I believe was not followed up upon intensively yet Open Discussion: We've received a $500K request to fund development for a payment gateway - #5 by revant_one.

Maybe that was due not not really getting what it is about.

If you @vivek are interested in this area maybe you’d be a good person to check explore this a bit mre diligent. I personally think we shouldn’t just let this opportunity got just because we may not quite get it and agree with you that it would be great to take some steps in the blockchain realm

And Dash seems to be quite interesting based on what I read because they seem to very community driven and they have an interesting decision making procedure (we may even learn from)

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I am proposing github integration with a custom application, which we can host on erpnext foundation website. I spent some time today to build the application that pulls github issues(My suggestion is to pull specific items targeted with a ‘roadmap’ label) and allows capturing bounty and development support. Like

GitHub API doesn’t seem to capture the upvotes, so I had to resort to custom voting button. The code is available at GitHub - sathishpy/EN-Roadmap: Tool for managing ERPNext roadmap with Github integration. If it is going to be useful, I might be able to spend some more time on it.


Github API v3 does have some endpoints for reactions

edit: Code for reading issues gi2et/ at develop · gaurav-naik/gi2et · GitHub


@vivek - how would that work?
Its already supported by QBO, for example:


I was hoping someone would share the how to of it. anyway i am slowly picking up block chain / bitcoin tech hope to understand and write an extension for erpnext soon.

Would definitely put in manufacturing module in here! seems to have been forgotten about.:confused:

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