ERPNext Selected in ERP FrontRunner Quadrant by Gartner

Yes, you are right. It is updated. And ERPNext is much ahead than the competitors like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Sage.

Source: ERP Software - 2023 Reviews, Pricing, and Demos

PS: They may need to widen their canvas because of ERPNext.


I think you are kidding yourselves:

Where’s Wally?

Source page: (Click on View Grid to see the above chart)

The site permits comparison between any 4 out of 484 competitors. Here’s ERPNext vs Odoo.

Odoo does better because they have provided data. ERPNext has not! @rmehta Yoo hoo!

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We don’t pay any rating agency! We don’t claim to know how these ratings work.


Ok. I understand. I think it can’t be hard to game the system … it certainly looks like Odoo does. But I do not know if there’s much value in it.

Is there a ratings agency that rates the benefit of paying ratings agencies?

ERPNext profile link is not working :thinking:

Here’s a working link

The original post clearly mentions SoftwareAdvice (a Gartner company) as a source. Why point out to G2?

Also, G2 mainly runs on the basis of the number of reviews received by it. So does the main Gartner listing.

If you (and others) want to see ERPNext do better in these rankings (specifically G2 since you’ve pointed that out), then you and the community as a whole can start dropping reviews on all major reviews portals.

The original discussion is 4 years out of date.

  1. Why only point out Software Advice?
  2. When I see a single source vaunting good news, even if it’s Gartner, I get suspicious. In our post-truth age, I immediately wonder what other sources have to say.
  3. I tried to view the latest from Gartner, but they are very protective of their expensive subscriptions being shown for free.

I would have been doing that already if ERPNext’s marketing experts had been highlighting strategic targets in this forum, and suggesting we post reviews there. If you identify a handful of the most critical evaluation and review sites I’ll be happy to collaborate. You should understand that marketing isn’t my specialty, so I am not about to waste my time shooting in the dark at sites that may have no importance or value at all.

Fair enough. But again, the post was referencing only SoftwareAdvice. As for post-truth, this is not a news item where an incident happened as is portrayed by different organizations with a twist.

Coming back to the topic at hand, here are some major portals community members can use:

  1. SoftwareAdvice:

  2. Gartner:

  3. G2:

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You may check the others here Press Coverage .

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It is updated. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

May 2023 Update