ERPNext V11, Python 3 or 2.7

Any way my suggestion is to make fresh server with python 3 and V12 and restore data

@fkardame @Sanath_Udayawansa2 I got this same error after upgrading to V12 and every fresh install breaks pdf alignment. To resolve, i ran sudo apt-get install libssl1.0-dev and this fixed the issue in all cases.


Is that necessary to upgrade custom apps after update of python 3?

Still I am getting unsupported pickle protocol 3 error

share full traceback please.

that depends on the Custom App I believe. If it doesn’t work after you upgraded to p3 it’s likely the App wasn’t p3 compatible I’d say.

Yes so how to convert it to p3?


hm. looks like you have written the App, so I’d guess it’s your job to know this (or to learn it).
I have no coding capabilities whatsoever, so I am in no position to give any hints here.

BTW: this is a good example of why it has advantages to contribute new features to the core code instead of maintaining own Custom Apps. The Core Maintainers would have been in charge to make this functionality Python3-ready if it was part of the core code.

I am sure u can find quite some info on migrating a P2 project to P3 by a quick web research.

Edit: @Sanath_Udayawansa2 I just stumbled over this guide. Maybe it’s worth to look at for you.

Yes, it is absolutely essential!

As we get our dev business started, we have learned (the hard way) that any apps written in 2.7 will not work in 3.6. You need to refactor code AND you also should uninstall and reinstall. The trick is to keep v3.6 branches.

To be honest we ended up using “version-11” and “version-12” just like frappe / erpnext for our custom apps, and this has saved us a lot of headaches when running bench update!