[ERPNext V12] - How to apply CESS percentage additional to GST


Is there any way to apply CESS Amount and CGST & SGST total Amount?

For Example, there is an item called Cold Drinks with GST @ 28% (CGST @ 14% & SGST @ 14%). And need to apply CESS 12% and GST @ 28%.

** All Taxes are inclusive of taxes*

I read the ERPNext Docs: https://docs.erpnext.com/docs/v12/user/manual/en/accounts/articles/types-in-tax-template

Here, if use On Previous Row Amount option with Row #, it calculates CESS % on CGST @ 14% Amount.

Is this correct?

Another way, if use On Net Total option then it calculate on Net Total of all items. In this case, I cannot add those Items which have same GST Rate i.e., 28%. Because one Item does fall in CESS and another does not.

In these cases, how to configure CESS % in ERPNext?

@JayRam It would be big help if you guide for the same.

Hi Ajay,

Please post some workings - some numbers with examples of how the GST and Cess calculations ought to be. Somebody here would be able to give you pointers about how to set it up correctly.



Hi @JayRam

Thanks for your quick response.

I have done following setup:

  1. Sales Taxes And Charges Template. (All taxes are inclusive of taxes)

Taxes are applied on “On Net Total” bases

CESS @ 12% as inclusive

  1. Item Tax Template GST @ 28% Configuration

  1. Item Master Configuration

Item Tax – Applied new Item Tax Template GST @ 28% and CESS @ 12%

  1. While creating sales invoice, if I take this one item. It shows as following in Items table and Tax Table:

It automatically calculates GST @ 28% but not CESS @ 12%

Here, I have following questions:

  1. If I map CESS Tax Template in Item Master → Item Tax Child Table CESS percentage is not calculating automatically. How to apply CESS automatically like GST %

  2. In single Sales invoice, If I have multiple Items with same Tax Rate i.e., GST @ 28%. Whereas one Item has GST @ 28% with CESS @ 12% and another Item does not fall under CESS @ 12%.
    Here, How will ERP calculate the CESS %?

Expected: CESS % should be applied on that item which is eligible for.

  1. Same Question for Point-of-Sale Page. How will it work?

Hi @JayRam

I got the solution to apply CESS & GST automatically.

I created a separate Item Tax Template which includes following GST & CESS tax rates and mapped it into Item Master → Item Tax child table.

Item Tax Template:

Item Master → Item Tax Child Table

This way, GST with CESS automatically added while creating Sales Invoice and also in POS.

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