ERPNext Version 10 has been released ! 🎉 🌲 ❄

Really great stuff MANY THANKS!!. ERPNext is really growing strong, some of the features I see here (Sales Payment Summary for instance) has been something we have had to modify the sales reg report to show sales by doc owner to allow stuff like high volume loyalty sales (did this just last week); great to see, we’ll have it as an upgrade! Easy!!

About maturity; ERPNext is also good for fast paced retail ops; best performance ever, I can assure you; one client did 3.5M worth of sales on 23rd, that’s close to 2000 invoices; running off a core i7(2.9GHz), 12GB, Windows 10 HP laptop, yes, laptop! These guys do 700 to 1200 invoices from pos daily!



@Runicus They love what they do! LOL! those commercial guys have too much bureaucracy to dribble around, too much corporate hurdles to jump; thinking of how the upgrades will impact paying clients and how to get income from the upgrades; that’s tiring… nah; I feel tired for them commercial guys, I love teams like the ERPNext team, plan, sit together, get stuff done! again a whole community behind them to ‘critic’, push, bend, burn and turn their code into brilliance. You see all them features; it represents the ERPNext community!


Hi @nabinhait! Congratulation on the update! May we know where is the set-up for this Any doctype can have a calendar view ?

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Calendar View is a new doctype which can be configured for any doctype.
Check the given route View/List



Would it be possible for you to tell me how to use this “branch v9.x.x” to install a fresh v9 ERPNExt system on a blank server? I am only used to working with the to setup my production servers and I am not versed in special installations.

I need to setup a new v9 server because my client is not comfortable using the newest version. They spent all of their time over the past 6 or 7 weeks evaluating version 9 and have certified it as their choice for ERP system.

Or is there a written guide that might help me with this? I do not even know the right questions to ask at this time.




I can see by your very frequent updates to the version 10 status page, that you are a very busy man at this time. Can you refer me to anyone else that can help with my question about installing to a blank server from the v9.a.a branch?

Thanks in advance.


I am not a tech savy, However a bundle of “software” with various domain will give user “bloatware”. I have been on going deploying self hosting ERPNext V.8. Is it possible to clone ( or sync ) i.e 2 domain only. I guess erpnext “vision” is to serve wider audience with various “domain”. Let say we need an “erp” for mini market network, thus we don’t need other domain in set up. What for other domain reside in our server. Probably this various domain is very good for cloud service provider. I believed many of IT Persons work for organization/company will only interesting on maximum 3 domain. Erpnext is amazing. Many thanks for good works.

For both practical and ‘free software’ reasons ERPNext adheres to a monolithic ‘grow the codebase’ development model

That helps maintenance and support, encourages adoption and avoids fragmentation etc.

To shade users from this ‘bloatware’ complexity there’s this

just my 2 cents


wow… that’s really awesome features… never regret using erpnext…
thanks for making it awesome…


Hi all,

We upgraded to ERPNext: v10.0.5 (master)

Frappe Framework: v9.x.x-develop (cac28c5) (develop)

However, there seem to be an issue with email notifications. When i create a job/task/opportunity which I assign to someone. It used to send a notification to the person that I am assigning the task to but not in version 10. The email are going out when you just send a normal email. Please assist where to check.

ERPNext version is depends on Frappe version 10. Hence, you must update your frappe repository too. It is not only for version 10, you should always update both repo together, both are tightly coupled.

Try the following steps (though I have not tested):

  1. Create production setup using GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps
    sudo python --production
  2. Change branch to v9.x.x for both frappe and erpnext repository.
  3. Create a new site using bench new-site <your-site-name>. Don’t use the site created by default.

Hi Nabinhait,

Thanks. We will try with the Frappe upgrade to see if the problem is

@nabinhait Thanks for explanation.What is the command to Change branch to v9.x.x for both frappe and erpnext repository?
Kindly help

git fetch upstream
git checkout v9.x.x

Item Variants Update

Create variants from Quick Entry dialog
Create multiple variants from a single screen

Multiple variant not working…why ?
or please describe how it works .

What is the problem you are getting? Give some more info and screenshots. Also please create new posts for such issues.

Understood. I am getting in love with this bundle LOL … I have been learning ErpNext day by day. What I found this babe is “tighted” to ubuntu and centos distros. Both are most propular distro in the globe. Unfortunately I used Gentoo for main server.

I saw most of install and setting guide for “Big” server but I play on “small” server. Just one server for one company. Thus I did not need stuff like galera, jemalloc ( and other alloc ). They are for clustering (AFAIK). so far I have not found best set-up profile, still learning how to maximize the performance of redis, mariadb and nginx. I hope on the next. Erpnext will have their own web server. Good lucks erpnext

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