Erpnext version recommendations

Dear All,

based on your experience using erpnext platform, kindly advise on which version would be the best for implementation.

Thanks for sharing your opinions.

I’d prefere v12, at least because of py3 compatibility

noted with thanks

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Isn’t v12 development version? And v11 production?

I think depends if user wants to test, play or if is for a customer daily usage.

No, v12 is prodction. The GitHub branch “Develop” is develop :wink:

I would go with V11 first once mastered the system to a certain extent move to V12.

I would go straight to v12.

While both v10 and v11 are “supported” release versions, both have some bug that may never get fixed. This is due to the way the core team has decided to “support” official versions. They will only incorporate a bug fix if it is already written and submitted as a PR on GitHub. Even then, if your syntax and structure does not match what the core team decides is useful for them, it may still be left behind as unusable. This creates a case of older versions really never being fixed.

So, since v12 is the most recent and is still active in the core team, it is you best bet to use and you may still be able to get bug fixes by simply reporting them and not having to actually fix them yourself.

Just my thoughts…