ERPNext with Ionic App - CORS Error


I have server with ERPNEXT and I am trying to connect IONIC APP with server, but I have problems with ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’. I tried a lot of things but does not work (nginx.conf, frappe-bench.conf). I attach screenshot with JS code and Error.

Thank you in advance!

You will have to set the appropriate security policy in the HTML headers of your file.

I tried a lot of things. In the other hand with postman is working correctly. I do not understand what I need, could you help me?

Browsers don’t allow these cross domain requests.
Check out for ionic documentation to disable this (if possible)

You can try to change the config/nginx.conf of your frappe server like shared here.

Check if it works.

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If you are working in chrome use an extension to “ignore” those error’s, the next image, show you the extension name , but there are others; I connect my ionic app and it work’s