Error - Debit and Credit Not Equal for Payment Entry for Payments Entry against Education Fee Payment Received Version-14

I face an issue in creating payments against Education Fee Invoice,
I created a Education Fee invoice for 1150/- .
While I make a Payment Received entry against it for 1150/-.
The payment entry gets saved but while I submit it it gives the following error
Debit and Credit not equal for Payment Entry #ACC-PAY-2022-00003. Difference is 2300.0.

Education: v0.0.1 (develop)
ERPNext: v14.2.0 (version-14)
Frappe Framework: v14.9.0 (version-14)

Any ONe Please Help Me in this Issue…

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Anyone Please Help Me…

Unfortunately, the Fees doctype has been largely broken since Payment Entry was refactored for v14.

Thanks For Reply,
is there any solution or alternative to solve my problem.?

I’ve not seen that specific error before, so I’m not sure exactly what the root problem is. You’ll likely need to do some debugging to find a fix.

I had the same problem in Version 14. The issue for me was caused by a missing “Student” Party Type. You can see the Party Type set to ‘Student’ in the ‘Payment Entry’ which was created via the action button in the Fees record. But there is no ‘Student’ Party Type in my system (I don’t know why).

The solution would be very easy if ERPNext allowed creating of new Party Types. Just create ‘Student’ and set it to ‘Receivable’. But this is not possible unless you have Developer options.

I am using Frappe Cloud which does not allow ‘developer_mode’. So I have a clone of ERPNext v14 in my Github repository and use that instead of the default package. This allows me to make changes to source code. The changes needed to fix this problem are:

  1. In the file erpnext\setup\doctype\party_type\party_type.json
  2. Add "in_create": 0, before “is_submittable”: 0,
  3. Change the permissions for the ‘System Manager’ role to 1 for Create, Delete, Write.

Thanks to Debit and Credit not equal for Payment Entry Bug - #5 by sione for pointing this out.

You can submit a bug report on the ERPNext github site.

And (again) maybe submit suggestion to allow user (system manager) to add Party Type.

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