Error happening when switching back to Desk

Hi Everyone,

i get following error when back to desk, this doesn’t happen frequently, but random when switching back and force between Desk and Menu page (click on Explore).

What could be the issue? or maybe a bug?

It looks like permission problem…try to check your user’s roles.

Do you have any suggestion about the role or missing permission?
Thank you.

yup. you have problem with your permission…
role permission,or show and hide modules or user permission.

nope, you could start from checking Modules Access “Desk”

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thanks both,
@komsel2228, please check below.

@SwitsolAG, please check below,

it’s work and i don’t getting error message

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thanks @komsel2228 for your test.
This doesn’t happen frequently, i will keep monitoring and update this thread if it happens again.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile: