Error pymysql 1265 Data truncated

I created a new doctype, while I am saving changes to my doctype field its showing below error.

I tried by restarting bench and mysql service, but nothing changed.

Hi @umarless,

I think, that for, remove the field (net_area) from the database.

Please apply the command.

bench --site [sitename] mariadb
alter table `tabTasmeem Projects` drop column `{net_area}`;

Please set your Doctype name in the tabYour DocType query and field name.
Then exit from the MariaDB.

Then apply another command like

bench --site [sitename] clear-cache
bench --site [sitename] migrate

Then again create the new field and save it form.
Maybe, the problem will solve.

I hope this helps.
Thank You!


Thanks for your prompt reply.