Error when Making Bank Entry in payroll processing

Sent a pull request to fix the issue.


I am having a slightly different issue.

My Bank Entry completes successfully. However, the GL entries for deductions are wrong. The Gross Pay is debited from Salary GL and Credited to the deductions GL rather than the specified deductibles:

GL Entry

How can i correct this error.

Please help.


Error: Value missing for Payroll Entry: Cost Center this error come when i try to save payroll entry. while cost centre is there and i select it.

THis issue is only with one client while other sites are working fine.

Dears any idea to fix it

This error still persists in ERPNext: v13.34.1 (version-13).

A solution for float rounding inside the formular is not a option as many variables for calculating taxes on salary are in the area of 5-8 decimal digits.

How can this issue finally be solved?