Error while setting up virtual machine

I was trying to setup ERPNext-100915.ova Vitual Image for Demo purpose.
I was unable to complete the setup and the error was " Duplicate name Print Heading Credit Note ".
For reference please find the attached image.

Hi @sayali_fossist,
You have to restart the vitual machine and check it .

Sagar Shiragawakar.
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Looks like you have downloaded old image. You need to update.

go to frappe bench folder and run command bench update

then you need to reinstall site or create new site.

cd frappe-bench
bench update
bench reinstall

reference: Version 5 Setup Error - #7 by David_Stegnitz

Hello @sayali_fossist !

Yes, I was also thinking that there could be no problems running a ready-made image to check out the software, but not in this case. After f**king the whole evening with trying to install a standalone version, finally I decided to run the image, to at least see if it’s worth to fight. And guess what, I stopped at the same point where you are. But as I already had gained some experience, I can share with you too.

You need to update but first login as root and install libjpeg-dev (sudo is not working):

login root
password erpnext

apt-get install libjpeg-dev

then logout and proceed to regular update

login erpnext
password erpnext
cd frappe-bench
bench update

Then go through the setup wizard again.