Error while updating bench on Oracle VM

I am getting below mentioned error while updating bench.

I appreciate, if anyone can help me out in this context.

Viral Mestry

Yesterday this notes same traceback that may relate to a change

Try this if you have not done so
restart VM
bench clear-cache
bench clear-website-cache

It was same issue:

Issue did not resolve with the above steps. Did a full VM reinstall and now getting the below error on running bench update.

Appreciate help as I am unable to move forward.

Did you do?

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

cd frappe-bench
bench update

then you got the above message.

NEXT step is:
bench reinstall

bench update

Hope this helps.

Only one is not perfect, I got this message in the end of the update:
frappe-bench-node-socketio: ERROR (abnormal termination)

I get this message in different production and develop servers by now