Errors when applying my v7 data base to fresh installation v9

i made a fresh installation for v9 and im trying to restore my v7 data base but im getting this error when i run bench update

mysql_exceptions.OperationalError: (1048, “Column ‘is_custom’ cannot be null”)

and this error when i run bench migrate

AttributeError: ‘DocType’ object has no attribute ‘restrict_to_domain’

so , any help ?


You should run an upgrade in your version 7 account. It will be first version 8 and then 9. In between, the patches will also be running.

i already fixed restrict_to_domain error
but the is_custom can not be null still :frowning:

i’m doing the upgrade from my own repo not from the official repo so im trying to fix the error by my self following the official repo commits but i can not find the tab of is_custom column to fix the error , so can you help by telling me where i can find this column?

Hi @Bassam_Mamdouh,

An interesting snag you and @eitadmin have - you must id records where is_custom is null.

My query of the tables found no is_custom field - all such 0 or 1 values are stored in each doctype ‘model’ .json file, about 21 doctypes or so.

One way to id your db insert fail is to turn on sql logging as this notes Setting site log level? - #3 by jvermette

I have not done this myself - sql output appears in your js console?

Sorry to ping you @vjFaLk, perhaps you have advice from this similar case?
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Here’s another unresolved case Bench update 7.2.27 error - #11 by ci2016

edit: This is the sql I used to search for the is_custom column name…
WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA=‘d56cb677eaab3383’
AND TABLE_NAMElike’tab%';

Correction! Enable logging on the server - not the client! - instructions here
logging - How to enable MySQL Query Log? - Stack Overflow