Exchange emails not working

Currently trying to configure ERPNext to allow for emails to be sent through ERPNext we use Microsoft Exchange and have been told that sometimes problems arise when connecting emails to other applications such as this one.

Email details and server credentials are correct but not getting any emails, anyone have suggestions? currently have 3 people working on resolving this currently but seem to have hit a brick wall.

No emails from the app to new user
no emails from the app for leave requests
as examples.

within outlook just tested sending and receiving mails and they work


We are also stuck on the same issue. Try if this works for you. I have an instance working on V13 where this is working, but not on V14.

Office 365 settings - Frappe Framework - Frappe Forum

I think it is mandatory in V14 to convert to Oauth2.0 which works through open api app but I have not been able to crack the correct steps to make it working. If you come across a solution please inform. Thanks



Hope you configured email accounts.

Try to create notifications based on your requirements like save, new, or submit on specific forms. Then check Email Queue.

Hope this helps you.