Exchange Rate auto update


Can Erpnext upgrade Exchange Rate automatically from some outside sources? for example yahoo?


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Not as of now. If you find out a free API maybe we can integrate.


I am not familiar with API but I made some research and found those free API for exchange rate:

I don not know which one is fit ERPnext but maybe it will help.


Added support for jsonrates

You need to add api key. We will deploy this on later today or tomorrow.


I got my api key from jsonrates. Do you want my api key for deployement?


For your own installation or on

I just pushed another update where you can set rates by Global Defaults

I add my ip key to Global Defaults. And saved. How it will upgrade rates? Do I add any cron job or someting else?


It will pull on demand.


Is additional config required for automatic jason rates if setting up on own server? Perhaps similar to the dropbox config.
I’ve setup own server and I see the rate does not update automatically even though it does on the cloud

This API now requires a paid subscription to change the base currency.

An alternative that doesn’t require a key:


Thanks for the heads up.

How do I find this feature? I go to global defaults under Settings → Settings → Global Defaults and I do see any option to pull currency exchange rates automatically. I only see an option to set the default currency.

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This is now automatically updated using no api key required.

Thanks that’s great.