Expense Claim Employee name

In Expense Claim

For an employee portal

Default be the employee name but now its in select (option having only one employee that is the user)

How to set default employee when the employee login ?

in admin or hr can having all employee list

Hi @thara,

Using Session Defaults but you have to set it every time. and at a time you can set only one default employee.

Please explore it.

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@NCP Thank You

Like this i have in Session Default Settings in that i added expense claim document type how i set the employee field

No @thara,

We do not suggest to add a transaction in Session Default. Only add Employee.

Please check it.

Thank You!

Thank @NCP It is worked as you said earlier if i set employee in default settings after log out it wont set how to set default in all times is there any way to do that ?

Only option, you have to set it every time after the login.

Thanks for your reply i have doubt can we connect a meet

If an employee has only their own rights means Employee A can’t see the other Employee then you can use the User Permission and set it default. It’s set to default permanently. so the employee logout and again login then the employee will show as a default.

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Thank You for your reply

Like employee how i set the espense approver for each employee creation initially we assign the approver so it would also fetch automatically

how to achieve this

Try with your own way, we just shared the default scenario with limitations.

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I try in that way in that field expense approver is not shows

For sometimes some form will not save, while inspecting this error shows

Hi @NCP In expense claim I added an attachment field.

When I export How to download the attachment alone.

Any ideas?

You only have one option: download the attachment from the File Manager.

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@NCP Thanks for your reply