Feature Request: Barcode Generator

Hi all contributors and developers,

I found out that barcodes for our business is a must to have. We have a very strong 2D barcode reader.
My idea is the following:

When generating a Sales Order, Material Request, Purchase Order or something like that, we could generate a barcode.

A short example:

We have Sales Order 201017 and the barcode states “201017 in sales order” so we can simply scan it and we will be immediately redirected to the Sales Order. Is there a chance to implement such a feature?


I have got an idea regarding the feature request…if would generally be easy…:

Print format for {{ doc.name }} which is 2015/201017 and then add “in sales order”.

This should be generated with something like that: GitHub - davidscotttufts/php-barcode: Source code for the article "How To Create Barcodes in PHP" found at http://davidscotttufts.com/2009/03/31/how-to-create-barcodes-in-php/

Does ERPNext generates or execudes PHP files for standard_macro ?


I am sure there is a Python equivalent. Mixing PHP is a bad idea - your operational problems will multiply.


You should try to integrate this and send a pull-request. We will be happy to help you if you are stuck.


I will try that.
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Hi @rmehta, I have done it with PHP Barcode so far…no correlations…should I post my experience or should I try with PY Barcode?

JS barcode should do it.

Do you want to try to fix this issue and send a pull-request?


Iam using this barcode keyboard app .

Hello @daniel

I achieved what you are trying to do following this topic and its references: Printing Barcoded fields on Custom Print Format - #6 by monojoker

6 months using it without any problem.


Hello All;

This link is helping a lot:


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