Fedex India and DTDC India Integration Book and Track Shipments from within Frappe/Erpnext

Hi All,
First of all I feel sorry for posting it so late and that too without any documentation but one thing is for sure that its tested well and all the bugs are removed since we have tested in production environment for more than 2 years.

The feature is Carrier Tracking so the post is more likely to be the skipped documentation. The post is all about Carrier Tracking in custom app with which we have linked Direct Courier Booking on DTDC (indian courier agent) and Fedex directly from within the ERPNext doctypes.

The features are as under:

  1. Doctype === Carrier Tracking.
  2. Users Select the Transporter (another Doctype) in Sales Invoice and on submission of the SI there is a Carrier Tracking doc created.
  3. The shipping address of the Carrier Tracking is same as that of the sales invoice and if the linked doctype is not sales invoice then we can change the shipping address.
  4. Now we have been using this for the past 2~3 years without any issue and we have booked more than 10k shipments on fedex using this api and also more than 2k shipments on the DTDC api which are mainly for Indian customers.

The perquisites for this to work are as under:

  1. Have a a API account with Fedex and DTDC
  2. Use the settings page to enter the API key for fedex and DTDC.
  3. Once the API Key is entered you can easily book and track the shipments from within the erpnext.

New Doctypes in this custom app:

  1. Transporters: List of courier companies with whom we deal with
  2. Transporter doctype also has the login details like API Key etc.
  3. The api for fedex and DTDC (india specific vendor) are now live for this application.
  4. The api also lets the user book directly from within the ERPNext module and also the PDF printout is obtained automatically.

Since the users in my oganisation are not very tech savvy. I have tried to make it as easy as possible for the pepole to book shipments from these vendors.


  1. Book and Track shipments.

  2. On submission of Sales Invoice there is an auto creation of carrier tracking if the transporter selected is within the scope of carrier tracking.

  3. Once the shipment is booked the Carrier Tracking is submitter.

  4. Also there is a web view for the carrier tracking for customers to track the shipment on the website of the user.

  5. The system after booking of the shipment would track the shipment automatically and once the shipment is delivered it would update the scans and also the shipment data.

  6. The problem is that this app does not have proper documentation but it has been rigourously used in production environment for more than 20k shipment booking

  7. Once a shipment is booked its automatically tracked on its respective source (aka Fedex or DTDC) and if its delivered the shipment is closed by itself.

  8. There is a web view for our customers to view the tracking of the shipment on our website instead of the website of our partner.

The carrier tracking is submitted on booking.

Few Screen Shots:

Report on the Total No of Shipments done in the past few years with delivered ones being updated automatically

Screenshot for the shipment and its tracking being done automatically after every 6 hrs:

Screenshot for the web-view for this shipment which the customer gets a link to (Via email notifications) just like Amazon or other B2C websites:

cc: @dominik and @rmehta I know its too late but still there is no feature like this in erpnext.
I know the documentation is lax but I request the team to help me merge this in master or develop branch for all to use.

Similarly there are other features which we are/have tested religiously and want them to be merged with the master branch.

Link to the github repo

Credits: @kanhaiya to their team for the jump start vide their app their app which they have made for other users and I used their code for some extent to complete this part of the project.

If you all want to see a demo do let me know if the code is not something fulfilling for the user eyes.


Integrations are proposed to move into custom apps for v13. [V13] [Breaking changes] Proposal for cleaning up naming

Check recent repos

There is Frappe Cloud Marketplace

This is very interesting.
I myself was working on integrating Courier aggregators like Shiprocket and Shyplite with ERPNext.
Shiprocket decided not to give me a sandboxed environment for testing, and the friend for whom I was developing it for also lost interest.
I abandoned that project mid way, if there are people interested in it maybe I can put some time into it.

Thank you @adityaduggal for your appreciation. We feel glad to see that something is getting useful in community, though we are not able to contribute directly.

Thank you again for releasing this for merging into a product.

Kanhaiya Kale

Hey revant,

I’m trying to install nextcloud-integration using bench helper but I’m getting an error
Error: No such command “get-app”.

can you tell me how to proceed to install those integrations when using frappe_docker please ?

For people trying to install this or any app custom Frappe/ERPNext app in docker production, refer

Thanks for the answer sorry for the hijack :sweat_smile:

Hi @saeedkola,

I am looking for a Shiprocket shipping solution for my B2B and B2C business. Will be glad to work for the application.

Thanks in Advance,
Vinod Kumar K

ERPNext has included shipping integration in v13, where they have included international shipping aggregators like Packlink , sendcloud and letmeship. Sadly they don’t work with indian delivery companies.
Prominent Indian aggregators include, shiprocket, shyplite, vamaship and pickkr.
If we were to work on it, contributing to Erpnext’s Shipping integration and adding aggregators to it would be a step in the right direction IMO.

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Hi @saeedkola

I am interested to shiprocket and shiplite and pickrr
I have working accounts for all above with APIs.

Let me know if we can work on integration.