Fill doc filed with login user onload of doc type

Hello every one ,
I have one doctype e.g. “time tracking” in which I am using “User Doctype” as link which provide me all the user data . So my query is that how will I get current user and fill the “select” docfield with current user using custom script ?

Please help me .
Thanks in advance.

@Baljeetsingh , You don’t need to write a script for that, it managed through doctype also -
Go to Customize Form → select form Time Tracking → open User link field and set Default value as user then current loged in user auto set in this field.

-Regards, Priya


Hi @priya_s
I have the same issue
Am trying to get the current user following you, But i get instead the role for the current user.
Can you help me pls? Am using v12 now
All the best