Filtering Link field in child table from another child table

I have 2 Custom Doctype

  1. Doctype 1
  2. Doctype 2

Both have common link filed link field ‘Link Filed A’

Both doctype have child table

  1. Child table 1 in Doctype 1
  2. Child table 2 in Doctype 2

Both have common link filed link field ‘Link Field B’

I want to filter data in Child Table 2 in Doctype 2 such as
if common ‘Link field A’ is selected in Doctype 2, then only those value should appear in Child Table 2 from Child Table 1 which are in the Link Field of Doctype 1 and its Child Table 1.

I appreciate your help!

@Maheshwari_Bhavesh give hint him pls

checkout this post

I have customized Journal Entry doctype and added two field (bank_acc_no and ifsc). I want to fetch bank_account_no and ifsc code From Bank Account doctype based on selection of Party (Dynamink Link) in Journal Entry. how can i achieve using custom script?

Looking for Help.

Tried it, sadly it does not work!!

This is for filtering parent field in child table.

I am trying to filter child table from another child table.

I can’t understand much from your description but if it is more complex then you should try filtering using the query.