First docker install - questions

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Based on a suggestion in my previous post

I am performing my first docker install. To try and move away from doing a manual install.
I am using the “SingleServer Example”… ( link below)

" Single Server Example"

The install had no errors. I stopped at the point in the doc where it says:
You can stop here and have a single bench single site setup complete.

Questions 1.
But it seems that the last command was a “bench new-site”
Normally after a “bench new-site” there was a
bench --site site.local install-app erpnext
followed by a
bench setup production

Question 2.
On a normal install, I could use “bench supervisorctl status” to check the status of my installation.
How do I do that when using docker

I am new to docker so please have patience with my questions which may be elementary to more
advanced users.

I also look for this.

bench new-site --no-mariadb-socket --mariadb-root-password changeit --install-app erpnext --admin-password changeit

I’ve copy pasted the command. If you read the command it has --install-app erpnext. If you are familiar with linux, bash and shell commands generally they have -h or --help for basic help.

The docker setup you chose was for production. Development setup is different.

docker ps command shows running containers

Do not use container if you haven’t used them before.

Read Container Basics. This is not the right forum to learn about containers.

Good day all

Trust you are all well !!

Thank you @revant_one for the information. I will work through that.

I would like to offer my apologies to the community for any offense. Its just that I was having issues
with the install that I always used and it seemed a good time to perhaps look at a docker-install.

There is some issue related to PIP on the install I used to use.

Let me abandon the docker approach and see if I can get a work-around to the PIP issue.

Once again, my apologies. Hope you all have a wonderful day !!