Fiscal Year wise access rights

I want to do the auditing for the last financial year. I am outsourcing the same to another company and wants to give them access only for the last financial year accounting entries. I don’t want them to see the current year financial entries. How I can give restrictions based on fiscal year?

User Permission List

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User - User Name
Allow - Fiscal Year
For Value - 2019

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    Remember to give the User the role of Auditor so it has read only access but no write access
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But user can see the invoices from other years. That’s the problem.

You are correct - GL Entry has Fiscal Year field, but Journal Entry does not have Fiscal Year field. Your use case shows the importance of Transaction documents in Accounting should have Fiscal Year field.

Apart from GL Entry, no other document has fiscal_year field, therefore applying fiscal_year filter in user permission wouldn’t work.

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this thread may give you ideas