Fixed Asset Depreciation

A lot of hard works done to bring ERPnext at the current level. Which is much appreciated. Asset Depreciation handling is a priority part for a complete ERP… Hope to see this incorporated in ERPNext soon…

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I’m planning to start creating Asset Management Module as integral part of Property Management System currently under dev. Do we already have something to start with?

I have started development of Fixed Asset Depreciation yesterday. Hoping to release it within a week or two.

@nabinhait ? so, the contribution by @mehta_akshay has not taken the hurdles to be pulled into the main branch and you start building this from scratch now?

Or do you mean you have started to test @mehta_akshay 's PR?

Yes, I have started from scratch. But I also looked at the @mehta_akshay app and learned a lot from the app.

Awesome! @nabinhait. This is something that all my customers got stressed out about. Is there an ETA as to when you expect to have this feature up and running on ERPNext?

The functionality has been implemented, am writing the help document now :smile:

Awesome! You da man!



@nabinhait Just checked the asset depreciation but did not see any option to define the residual value

So if there is a FA for initial value of 100000/- then the residual value would be 5% is there a way to setup that option

@adityaduggal You can define residual value in “Expected Value After Useful Life” field.

By the way, we have decided to redesign the “fixed asset depreciation”, so you need to wait some more time to testing the feature.

when shall we expect the fixed asset module?hanks

On ERPNext User Manual, there is “Manage Fixed Assets” documentation but those menus do not exist. Please advise, is that documentation for future feature?

if I am not mistaken Fixed Asset Depreciation is supposed to be included in ERPNext 7, which (again if I am not mistaken) is due to be published end April

@hanstel, @vrms is right, Fixed assets will be released with version 7, ETA sometime in May

Hi @rmehta,
I’ve just tried the fixed assets depreciation feature from the V7. Very slick. Well done guys.

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Thanks to @nabinhait :slight_smile:

Well Thanks Nabin! Really cool extension.

Hi all, I am using the online version of ERPNEXT and can’t find the fixed assets module. Is it going to be deployed soon to the online version? Thanks

For hosted user, version 7 will be rolled out in August incrementally.

can we find the documentation for fixed asset management?