Fork button in doesn't work properly

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to fork an existing chart of account on the website (link)

The problem is that it only creates a new empty chart of account:

I guess it is a bug… should I raise a ticket somewhere on Github ? (ERPNext repo maybe ?)

Additionally, is it possible to have also an option to delete forks we don’t use in our list ?
And lastly, could you also give the option to download the chart in JSON format, so we can use it straight away with ERPNext and not have to wait until a future merge in the stable version ? (or recreate it a second time in JSON…) :wink:

Thanks a lot for your great work.

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I have same issue,
Already On git:

Would be good to download as JSON and/or .csv format


Delete forks


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I also wanted to use the Charts (interested in the new CoA for Hungary) site as well, but could not fork the existing chart or download any of the existing charts to edit locally.

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Now it works.

Thank you!

Please close this subject.