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  • ERPNext API documentation: Introduction

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  • Watch Frappe video tutorials: Video Tutorials for Frappe Framework

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  • Search for your question before creating a new thread. What you are asking has probably been asked before.

  • If you receive an error, read the error log carefully. Usually logs contain useful information, which can narrow search range, or even contain exact steps to solve the issue.

  • Always attempt to ask your questions as precisely as possible.

  • Use triple backticks for logs or if your question has some kind of code in it, it’s easier to read that way.

  • Use for pasting large sets of data.

  • Use images (screenshots) to help illustrate your questions more effectively if necessary.
    Do not post screenshots of textual output such as logs, because the text won’t be indexed and searchable this way.

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  • Never post any unique data that can let identify your host (IP address, domain name). You should substitute it with random symbols in the logs and/or alter the screenshots.

  • Be patient for your answers, all the users in this forums are people like you, they have a life and are voluntarily helping others.

  • If you need help on customization (custom script, app), please share your script and all customization settings so that will be useful for someone to help.


Nice that @adityaduggal mentioned this thread in the neighbor topic. I think these guidelines should be pinned on the top of the board constantly, without ability to be sunk down even once it has been read.

Probably we should also add the point about reading logs carefully, because so many people just run to the forum and throw out logs without trying to read them, while the answer is already there.

  • First, read the logs attentively. Usually they contain useful information, which can narrow search range, or even contain exact steps to solve the issue.

@strixaluco I added it to the list.

This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.

Don’t assume everyone can understand logs. I certainly can’t. As ERPNEXT grows you will get a lot more non-tech users who would not have a clue about logs. The forum will develop into a user forum rather than a developer / coder forum

As this is about using forums I would also added (at the risk of making the top banner three pages long :wink:)

  • If your post is solved, please edit the title to make it obvious “{SOLVED} My Topic Title”

I won’t generalize like this. Logs are showing various kinds of output and they are definitely not a ciphered script, so of course everybody can understand them to some degree.

For instance, you don’t have to be a developer to understand this kind of message from log:
IOError: No wkhtmltopdf executable found: "" If this file exists please check that this process can read it. Otherwise please install wkhtmltopdf -

Moreover, nobody is born with log understanding skill (as with any other skill) and everybody here is learning something new, so I think we should put our targets higher, not lower. Frankly speaking, since one started to deploy such system, as ERPNext, he/she is not considered as just simple user anymore, so that one has to have skills (or learn how) to deploy and maintain the system.[quote=“Ron_Taylor, post:12, topic:8106”]
If your post is solved, please edit the title to make it obvious “{SOLVED} My Topic Title”

That is definitely a valid point! I’m surprised it wasn’t in a list before.

I have added your last point to the list.

I disagree about logs. I certainly didn’t have a clue as to what I was looking at when I joined this forum, but reading logs is a necessary part of using ERPNext.


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This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

I was thinking, since Discourse solved plugin is installed, is it still useful to edit topic title with [SOLVED] prefix? Or mark as solution is enough.
What does community think?

I think we should stop using the [SOLVED] tag, as it just clutters the screen.

Agreed. [SOLVED] isn’t necessary anymore. I removed it from the list.