Foundation Resources: What are they working on?

Precisely for this reason, we kept debating on the definition of ‘Contribution’ in ERPNext conference 2017. Maybe functional people are not kept in the loop while development is happening OR the programmers are working in silos, trying to build their own ships than making part of a bigger ship.

We are happy to collaborate with any programmer on accounting, compliance, & finance related subject.

Goals of Foundation from Foundation website

The goal of the ERPNext Foundation is to provide a platform for the ERPNext Community to come together, join hands and build assets to help build and enhance ERPNext around the world. ERPNext Foundation aims to be a community driven organization and run in a transparent.

I feel instead of 4 developer building features and fixing bug, it will be more helpful if they help other 10 community member to contribute there features in core product.
So I have posted above comment.

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You are correct in stating that. At current stage we have only 4, maybe that will scale and become bigger to contribute and work along with non-foundation programmer and enhance ERPNext. But, someone has to resolve the bug in the current system, which I believe should be top priority over building new features, else we might lose credibility of a stable solution.


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I only have a question …no one will be working on Frappè framework? All foundation devs are allocated to work on ERPNext.

Seems Frappe framework development is left in charge to Frappe team only. :thinking:

I’d rather shift 1/2 foundation dev to help core team to improve framework and fix possible bugs.

The better will become Frappe …better will be ERPNext …IMHO :grin:


Good point. But we need to relook at the scope of ERPNext foundation. Is it only the product ERPNext or in includes the framework as well.

@JayRam: your comment please.



I’m sorry, but is there any significant annoyances and irritations on the Frappe Framework?

If yes, and we can define the scope of what we are trying to achieve and we are able to break it down into milestones and we have a person from the community to help the developer, we sure can dedicate a Foundation Resource for this.

Apologies if it appears that I’m setting higher yardsticks for the Frappe Framework, but its just that I don’t understand the interplay between Frappe Framework and ERPNext. Frappe Framework is too esoteric for me and I understand ERPNext enough to be dangerous. Plus it is easy to meet all those requirements for ERPNext (milestones, deliverables, domain expertise) and maybe that’s why it appears so.

If @JoEz: you have enough expertise in this area, may I please suggest that you take the lead on this and help us (Foundation & Frappe) evolve the roadmap for the Framework?



@JayRam IMHO framework and “product” aka ERPNext are strictly correlated so, working on ERPNext feature bug fix an stuff directly involves working on Frappe Framework.

As an non exhaustive example on actual PRs: Barcode Control, Map Control, Grid Report View etc

I think the Frappe Roadmap is, let’s say a “false” problem; that could be surely driven by Frappe core team, but as Foundation IMHO, we should give some help in terms of developers to them not only defining a roadmap.

BTW, i’ve experience, probably not enough, but i’d be happy and i’ve few ideas to share with core team and help in this area.


Agreed, Without a flexible/solid/fast/secure frappe base everything else on top will be always be blah.

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  1. Hiring an analyst as Rushabh suggests is a no-brainer. We need someone to manage the resources efficiently and have a single point of contact to the Foundation and Devs.

  2. I also agree with JoEz that foundation resources should only be used first on core modules rather than domain specific modules such as Healthcare.

If there is time available foundation resources may be allocated to domain specific modules

Healthcare is also part of core now. It tries to solve one more specific business issues, in addition to Core problems of accounting, HR, Inventory, etc. So, i feel as long as there are interested people available to contribute & put their brain together, we should not be restricting the expansion of ERPNext in any direction.

In would suggest that priority should be -

  1. Bug fixing - As JayRam rightly said (not the most attractive job for the community)
  2. Framework Enhancements - 100% Agree with JoEz this is the real Core! as this would enable better, faster, and more capable feature development.
  3. Common modules - Modules that 99% of organizations use to a certain extent (HR, Accounting, CRM/Sales, Purchase, Inventory)
  4. Other Domain specific projects (POS, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Construction) - Must find a procedure to prioritize module and feature

@LifeP Agree with all points.