Frappe Docker: How to build a custom image with a private repo

How to build customer image from a private repo. All examples with the install_app script are using http public repos

clone the apps as part of ci using ci environment variables for secrets.

then copy the repo into image and pip install.

check this gitlab ci file .gitlab-ci.yml · main · GWPTCorg / containers_builds · GitLab

Please don’t complain that the repo I shared doesn’t use private repo. You can use private repo instead, pass username password as env vars.

I used Github’s PAT

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@RWEMA_Aimable didyou get a solution, using Github’s PAT…???

I am facing the problem

yes this format works

Actually, the problem comes when I store the PAT by export PAT
then having the format like


this format does not work

is there something wrong…???