Frappe-docker: how to set a domain name with the new docker setup

I have checked frappe_docker/example.env at main · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub there is no SITE_NAME or SITES ENV variables as it used to be the case. How do we set a site’s domain?


  • Nginx Letsencrypt Companion needs to be setup before starting ERPNext services.
  • Are domain names in SITES variable correct?

I saw this in the troubleshoot section but it’s still not clear to me

can you review these steps? it’ll help in reviewing this PR

clone my branch instead of default repo at this step

git clone -b docs-single-server

Thanks, I will try this

Thanks it has worked after the last push

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Hello @revant_one,

I try to update frequently my ERPNext install, and the last couple of days I noticed that even though I was updating as usually and everything was resulting okay, the program just after the update was announcing that there were new versions available.

So I have been searching in google and I have arrived to this thread where I noticed that the instructions I was following to update are no longer applicable.

I hope it is okay to ask in this thread, but if you prefer that begin another thread and don’t mix things in this one, please let me know.

I have a couple of questions, that I would be very grateful if you could enlighten me.

1.- The first one, is that I see that the whole instrucionts to setup the server with docker that I have followed has changed. So I was wondering what should I do in my case, that I followed old instructions to keep uptodate with everything. Do I need to start from zero again following the new instructions!?

2.- The second question is that I monitor, I think that frequently, this site to try to keep up to date with all the work and progress that you make. And I didn’t notice any announce about this. I am searching on the search bar at the moment and can’t find any notice either about this change. So my question is if there is any other medium or channel, that I should be following to have noticed this change.

** I edit this, I have tried other search terms, and I see now there were some mentions about this before.

Many thanks and kind regards from Spain,