Frappe User Permission

In frappe therer 0-9 level user permission. Could anyone explain what do they means

Level 0~9 are used for defining the field wise permissions.

So level 0 is the lowest level of permission. To understand this lets take an example:
In Sales Order there is a field by name of Customer, Item Code, Qty and Price.

  • Item Code and Qty = Level 0
  • Price and Customer = Level 1

So you could give production people access to read Sales Order for level 0 only and not level 1, this would mean that production people would be able to see the Item Code and Qty but not the customer and price.

I hope this clarifies what the levels are for.

Tell me if i understand:

So who has level 1 can see “Item Code and Qty” and “Price and Customer” and who has level 9 can see all of them. Is this correct?


Well the permissions don’t go like this.

Suppose one field is mentioned at level 1, and another field is mentioned to have level 2.

Now if a user has rights to see only level 2 but not level 1 then that person would not be able to see level 1 fields.

I think a better approach could be to have hierarchical permissions on the field levels as well but that would count as a feature request maybe someone from the development team could shed light on this if that is possible or not and whether the users already using this would need hierarchy for field levels or not.

Level is just a unique identifier for a permission rule - and it can be any number, not restricted to 1-0

Thanks. I will look at permissions as soon as possible.