Frappe Wiki Docker Installation

@bahaou I would love the url to the image.

develop/edge images are made from develop branch daily, they will have bugs. they are 14.0.0-dev. wiki should be compatible with it.

Today, I think wiki site is not on production bench. In future it may change.

It must be on a dedicated develop bench.

@revant_one [quote=“conner, post:1, topic:85604”]

For clarification, what is this documentation for? Is this no longer accurate as to how to install custom apps?

I didn’t create that doc. Someone contributed it and then vanished.

building image for me is not frappe documentation. I refer docker docs to build docker image. For some containers I had to add mqtt, kubectl or other clients to container images.

if you wish to replace the current doc with my repo then you can send a PR. After that the chances are the doc will again be outdated if no one keeps it updated.

So, an update.

Through the above methods it seems not possible to install a new app given the way things are set up by the install documentation. This looks to be a solution for if you built the images manually and does not have the same file structure as the mainline docker erpnext install, as well as is missing diffs that would be required to make said install recognize a new app.
I am still seeking information on how to add a custom app to an edge build of erpnext in docker that was constructed using the official documentation.

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