Freezing columns in a report

Hi Team,

Kindly advice if it is possible to freeze the first two columns of a report, when scrolling to the right.
P&L is one such report that runs horizontally. Could we freeze the first two columns (i.e. Sr No, Account) such that when scrolling to the right, we could still refer to which account the amount belongs to, instead of scrolling back and forth.

Thank you.

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@asneha1 Many community people already requested same feature earlier, it might be in development phase, or might someone contributed same as well. Kindly do search on Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub & discussion form, about Development & roadmaps of this feature. If you find something similar, bump there.

If you not find nothing, kindly open a issue at Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub. This class should be definitely get fixed at css.


Did you received any solution on this?

for same issue we have designed HTML+CSS page
you can do it easily with that if you are willing to write html+css :slight_smile:

@AkshayJadhao Even I have the same requirement. Can you share the html + css file??

@AkshayJadhao can you help me??

@asneha1, hope the below link may help you.