Fullcalendar Scheduler with ERPNext

Yes. i scanned the entire folders to find a reference to calling the fullcalendar.min.js file, but could find it only on the calendar.js. Wierd that it’s still loading even after commenting it out.

@revant_one @szufisher @nextchamp.saqib sorry to tag you guys, but a little help or guidance would be appreciated. been trying this for over a week.

I still strongly suspect this is a cache issue. Have you checked calendar.js in the browser to see if your comments are carrying through? build.json suggests that it gets bundled into list.min.js. Is the load call for fullcalendar.min.js commented out there?

If not, you might need to trigger a full rebuild of all js/css assets using bench build --force. With just regular bench build, some assets are downloaded from a pre-built cache.

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@peterg thanks a ton…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: you were absolutely right… the comments were not getting reflected in calendar.js. The list.min.js had fullcalendar files bundled in it…

bench build --force did the trick.

thanks again, you made my day.

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