Function: Translation of Content

Hallo, this is an unusual question … i think.
A company has a team around the world - and not all of them speak or write one language - e.g. english.

You know, on some websites, you can implement a widget (based on google translation) to translate the content of the website.

Now the idea - the company is thinking in using erpnext for his business - to set up an app - something functional (a button) to translate the infos of a task, issue, project … whatever … in the other chosen language. Just for view, to understand …

what about this idea? Does anybody thought about this - or is there already somthing available?
Thanks for info

there is a translation portal in frappe …
you choose your language and translate the English to “your language”
write translation in Global search and you can see it

also you can contribute in the

Hallo, no sorry, missunderstanding. I don´t mean the translation of erpnext - i mean a functionality in frontend for user in different countries.

Example: You are writing in english. But another employee in another part or the world writes in a language you cannot speak.
Now you have a button and on click all text information (content, his text in an issue or a task …) is translated into your english language.

The idea based on a plugin for cms-systems (joomla, wordpress …) - in frontend there is a flyout menu with different languages, an there you can choose the languiage you want to translate the content text of this website. This is based on google.translate.

Any idea?
Best regards

Refer the following link

I think @quintact means the translation of contents not the labels and interface. No this is not supported out of the box, and just my personal opinion I think such method will leads to confusion since no auto translation out there thats accurate even google translate.
However, I still think allowing the doctype to be localized will be great feature in ERPNEXT. here is a post discussing such feature

Hallo Ganas,
thanks for your info - i had read the post from last year, but nobody starts to plan it. no interest? also if somebody say, he is willing to give money?

@pawan: thanks to your link , pawan - i know the translation function and i use it. But ganas would also not be right - it should be difficult to write down, what i mean.

I would also say, the discussion about multi-language-items (in the linked post) would also very interested, if i have customers in different languages.

But my idear is not for items and offers to third party - in my idea, there is project-management the basic function. and a customer of me has people all over the world - and example given (e.g.) a person a is writing in russian, an i have to understand that, it ist diffcult. i connot speak russion.
So, now i can copy the text, open and i have an idea, what about he is speakting.

And this is the question - is it possible wit custom script - to have a button in right top corner (where is “make”, or other buttons in erpnext)? And if i press the button, e.g. a layer window starts to open and i can see the text of the “task” oth the “issue” or the “mail” or at least also the “item” - translated i a preselected language, for me i would choose german. In this app i need to choosy “my” langauge as basic setup.

Just for understanding, if people in the project team are working in different languages.
And this functionalty could eventually based on google translate?

Again, i know some websites, they are basically bulilt in one language. But they have a button, where to choose a language - and then to see the translation - basied on google-translate.
Or - also in facebook i can often see “show translation” above a post in antoher than my language …

is it i littlle more clear, what i am meaning?
best regards

you can get a developer to add this feature, it shouldn’t be hard. you will be relying on Google translate API where it just requires the source and target language and the text to be translated ( lookup So you will just have a button on each doctype that when you click, it will translate the text fields to the user language setup in the system and put the translation of each field under it.

Keep in mind that the google translation API cost is not that cheap, see the prices

Hallo Ganas,
thank you very much for these infos. yes, i also think, that this would be possible to develop. In this moment i check questions like this, because in e meeting with a potential customer, we spoke about this feature.
Now i know, if he wants ho have it, i have to check, who is able to realizee this.