Geolocation based Employee Attendance check-in system

I updated the API Key from (&key=813661b481fe4ee8b2f7fcf770c06a30) to (&key=de1bf3be66b546b89645e500ec3a3) just like in the image and the GPS Coordinates still isn’t fetching.
is the new API Key correct?

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I noticed that the API Key was missing so I copied the API Key from the Code in Post #2

However, it’s still not fetching the GPS Coordinates via Server Script - Scheduler Event

check = frappe.get_doc({
'doctype': 'Employee Checkin',
'employee': 'MN',
'log_type': 'IN'

We are also looking for Geo-fencing and Geo-location based Employee Attendance system. If anyone has implemented successfully, please contact me at

@Nikhil_Goel i have implemented geo-location based attendance

city and area not fetched, how to solve this?


Can you share the code please ?

I tried this same script but the first error I got was “location not found error” and then it always give me the wrong location.

Here is a screenshot of both errors experienced. Is there something I am not doing right. I really need assistance :pray:

am sure your system version is v14, and this same issue I faced when you customize the doctype they add ‘custom’ word before the field name that mean use custom_longtidue