Gmail configuration to send out the emails after the end of "Less Secure Apps" features in frappe ERPNext

How can I configure Gmail to send out the emails after the end of “Less Secure Apps” features in frappe ERPNext.

Basically, in Google Account Settings,

  • Enable 2-Step Verification,
  • Create an App Password,
  • Apply password in the ERPNext SMTP Password. Doesn’t Change anything in the ERPNext settings. Just change the password.

Thank you for your reply. I try with the steps.

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I checked the given steps. Now, It’s working properly. Thanks a Lot.

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Google recommends to use “more secure apps” that are not using basic authentication with username and password. They still allow “less secure app access” for now for Google Workspace accounts.
Microsoft on the other hand already disabled basic auth on the 1st of October 2022. So accessing a Exchange Online mailbox using IMAP and authenticate with username and password is not supported anymore.
I posted that issue here Email authentication Oauth M365 / Exchange Online - ERPNext / User Forum - ERPNext Forum but didn’t yet get a response.

@TurkerTunali do you have an idea, how to solve this?

Unfortunately I only use Gmail. I know that there are some Office365 users also. But I don’t have experience. You can add it to job board on Frappe.School I think.