Google Maps with Location Distance Integration Tutorial

Then maybe add a map showing the different locations of your clients…


Would there be a way to do address hygiene with this script to test inputted addresses to known address database and correct?

The Google Maps API does not do CASS Certified address correction, but something like the places autocomplete could do the job for most of us. If you want to go against a certified USPS database I’d recommend using something like Semaphore’s ZP4 software by exporting the data from ERPNext. Not the most efficient way but we just take a few minutes and put all of our new customer’s addresses through at the end of the month.

@Oasis_Agano Yes it is, I tested on 7.1

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Thanks @cattmy. I am familiar with this and some other CASS address hygiene products. You are right that the autocomplete would probably work for most.


I do not understand if the map options are actually implemented in ERPNEXT (actual versión is 7.2.7)


Hi may be out of subject.
We wanted our driver to get a direction link for all deliveries’ location in google maps.
For that we will keep a record of google maps decimal degrees(dd) and/or makani number(local UAE location identification).

I found a way if our ERPNext developer will able to generate a link as per below. He agreed and currently under process.

Google Maps… Etc

For example,55.455001/25.322419,55.376854/25.360481,55.416183/25.20253,55.376968

This will be driving directions, and can arrange stop points up/down as per requirment.

Don’t know any coding knowledge though.

Thanks ERPNext and My current developer @vivek

hi @Seng, is this script still active? The link doesn’t work anymore.
I was able to download some time ago your other tutorial - Google Travel Distance Table Integration, however it doesn’t work, I don’t know why.
I followed exactly your tutorial, Total Distance is calculating fine, but google distance not.
In the browser JS console I have the following error: "ReferenceError: google is not defined"

Any help is really appreciated.

it working fine.

please post screen shot of error log

Did you used api key for that?

I appreciate if you may elaborate how to use it and it will be highly appreciated if you share your code for the same.

Ruchin Sharma

check this link:

Screen Shot

dear @vishdha,
I’m trying to setup the location data calculation, I’ve installed your transport management system, location branch. But it seems I need to somehow add google API to make it work.
Could you please guide me how to do it? I found this:

script async defer src=“” type=“text/javascript”

but I don’t know where to put this line of code.

Your help is really appreciated.

I already put Google Location API in transport_management_sysem/transport_management_system/ without key.
If you want to use your API then replace with default API in


Sorry for the broken Google Drive link above (I couldn’t find a way to edit my post so I post a reply here in case of anyone still need this)

Download The Guideline And Script Here:
ERPNext Google Distance Matrix Integration Documentation v1.1.rar


Hello all,

New user to ERPNext and I am LOVING it. I saw this post and followed the instructions to a “T”. I am getting a Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError in my console. The data is not converting to distance at all.

Is this still supported with the most recent Frappe version? Thanks so much!


Hi @Kenneth_Akers,

Thanks for commenting this post and I received an email about your comment.

Please take note that I’m no longer test / support this work anymore. Thank you everyone for supporting.

However, from the provided error, it seems like Google now requires API key in order for their Google Maps API to work, you can follow the link below to get your own key:




Thanks so much for the response. I will definitely look into that and I thank you for everything. Good luck in your future endeavors!