Grouping Customers

We have customers that belong to a group, but each customer is a separate legal entity. They sort of belong to the same holding company.

From what I understand, the customer group field is more for categorizing customers into groups, like all Hotel customers, and all Restaurant customers.

How can I connect different restaurants, that all belong to the same owner? In my case, they have different names, different addresses and order separately, yet I would like to mark them as a group, so I can see what is the overall revenue I make with them, give them special prices, etc. Is that possible?

You can create one Customer with different Addresses and Contacts. Use respective Addresses and Contacts on Sales Documents.

Before going into any solutions, you should clarify one thing
When collecting money, do you collect from each branch separately?
Or the main branch sends you one check for all branches

If you collect your debts from each branch separately, you will add each branch as an independent client
If the other option
You can differentiate between them by Contacts and addresses
Or you can make a little customization in the customer doctype by adding a table to add the customer’s branches and from then you can choose them in the bills and also extract an account statement for each branch

That does certainly work for clients that all belong to the same legal entity and that operate under the same name. Like some supermarkets that we deliver to, I know that I can have one customer record, and then for each location enter a separate address and contact person.

However, we also have a supermarkets that work under different brand names, yet still belong to the same group. Like the group is DairyFarm, and they operate supermarkets with various locations under the legal entity Wellcome, and also under the brand name Marketplace, and a few more. Adding all these into one customer record does not make sense, yet I would still like to see what the overall business we do with DairyFarm looks like.

There could and are both variants and I do understand the differences.

My question is more if there is no way that I can simply “link” some clients together, so that I can group them in reports, etc. For example I might want to define an overall credit limit for a group, or I might want to know the overall revenue I make with a group, etc.

While certain things could have an operation impact (the credit limit for example), it is more a reporting feature that I am thinking of.

@matthkarl there’s the option to create “Customer Groups”, and associate they with they own respective group, eg:

Supermarkets → Dairy Farm Group

And many reports will follow this hierarchy!

Thanks for that.

So for stand-alone supermarkets I would just assign them to the Group Node, but for supermarkets that belong to the Dairy Farm group, I would assign them to the child node.

When looking at the Customer List screen, how would I filter for all Supermarket clients? When I filter for the Group Node Supermarkets, only the stand-alone ones will show, but the Dairy Farm supermarkets won’t show. Is it possible to filter for all?

@matthkarl I’m not sure!

I saw an issue open few months ago exactly about that groups should be drilled whe filtered, but I didnt followed the resolution.

So, the best option, is give it a try!

I found this topic here: Tree structures don’t filter data as per User’s Expectations FRAPPE Issue or is it by Design? - Developers - ERPNext Forum

And that is exactly the problem, but they didn’t really state a solution. So I guess your solution is a possibility, but then creates another issue.

Você ou alguém aqui do fórum estão disponíveis para quem sabe pegar um projeto para fazer melhorias?

this PR fix: Descendants of including self by netchampfaris · Pull Request #15360 · frappe/frappe · GitHub tried to fix the issue