Handheld UX & Workflows for common tasks

Hi All,

I posted this idea as a featuer req: Handheld UX & Workflows for common tasks · Issue #2116 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I think this would be a great feature to allow transforming what sometimes could be huge forms or complex workflows (needing training) to something that is self explanatory by splitting up pre-defined actions in simple sequenced/contextual steps.

First step would be to sketch out some UX on a few common use-cases along with how the code to define these structures could look like.

Let me know your thoughts.


If we get some sketches, we will be happy to spend a couple of days to throw out some prototypes :smile:

let us try and do some, can you help share top 3 most used use-cases?

Just create a repo for this and an issue:


I think we can start building this in Jan (after we close v5)

@raveslave the project that I’m working right now can bring one light on this.

Backend Scripting using JavaScript - #5 by max_morais_dmm

Check out the loom video, on my latest message!