Has Custom Page events?

How can I run a script on POS Webview event? Like submit or add items to shopping chart?

POS is not a webview but a custom page. And there are no custom events for pages right now.

So it’s not possible hit an API selling products by POS event??
My logic is: when submit a POS using event “on_submit”, hit my ecommerce API updating the stock

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Any hint?

please look at this :

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I did not understood, just need to run js on a event like:

frappe.ui.form.on("point-of-sale", "refresh", function(){

It is not working like that, what you do is working just for “doctype” not “page”

Uhum, I understood that. So, can you give me an example how to run a console log on on_load event in a page?

Guys, I’m still stuck on that, if you can show us a example I’ll be grateful.

Found it!

Created a js file in public/js app folder, following script:

frappe.pages['pos'].refresh = function (wrapper) {

Then you have to appoint the js file in hooks.py under "#include js in page" row, like this:

#include js in page
page_js: {"pos" : "public/js/js_file.js"}

Note: as far I know, you cannot do it on custom_script feature site, cause ‘pos’ it’s a page, not a doctype. So, you can do it just using a app.


Great solution.
Do you know how to do the same in the List (desk#List)?
But not for a spesific list. It is for generic List.
For example for the toolbar in the listview

Thank you