Help us build the PR Review System

The link if anyone is looking for this one PR. Dont know the u/password

got to any ready instance

click on Review Request:

Select Add Testing User:

Click on the user to see password

Moderator has to approve this request, If you do it now, I’ll approve immediately.

If you want a site for this PR then click “Request to Review” and select “Build”, It’ll be in for moderation again.

“Request to Review” button seems to be restricted to logged in users only and I am unable to sign up using email.

can you signin with google?

I’ve not set email account. I don’t wish to add my email account.

This PR was tested using the system. Now it is merged.


Click here if you find it useful

The app is not developed any more.

Core features that it had:

  • build images from fork of frappe or erpnext based on PR. i.e It helps you build bench with forked frappe, erpnext and custom apps.

  • It deployed the images on cluster as flux/helmrelease using kubernetes api. Helm release was based on configurable helm source. i.e. It helps deploy custom benches with additional services or resources.

I extracted out the core api into separate fastapi and kopf app, It is improved and sanity tested. Hope it helps whoever wants to use it.

Potential use cases for this api and operator - build your own PR review system, SaaS sites, custom bench based PaaS.

For more: castlecraft / k8s_bench · GitLab

DO NOT use it if not familiar with Kubernetes or not already using Kubernetes.