Hide Chart of accounts

Hello everyone, I have a little issue, I need to disable or hide the Chart of Accounts because I’ll create my own Tree but I do not found where I disable or hide just the Tree or if there’s another way to do this.
Thanks for any help.


Access on Chart of Accounts depends on permission on Account doctype. If role assigned to User doesn’t cover permission on Accounts, then that User won’t be able to access Chart of Accounts.

Even if you want to setup Chart of Accounts for your Company, you should edit existing Chart of Account for the Company.

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Ok Thank you @umair.

If I do not assign account role, sales user not able to make payment entry
and if i allow he able view chart of account

How could I allow him to make payment but not able to view chart of account?

thanks in advance

Assign permission on Accounts master, Apply User Permissions and then only specific the Account she/he can access when creating Payment Entry.

Can you please elaborate it? detailed steps please


  1. Indentify a Role which has permission on Account master.
  2. Assign that Role to user who creates payment entry.
  3. Since you need only limited account for creating Payment Entry, apply Role and Usre Permission for the Role (identified above). For the same, go to:

Setup > Role Permission Manager
4. Select Doctype as “Account”.
5. For the Role (assigned to user), check “Apply User Permission”.
6. Click on Add User Permissions and add Rule for the exact Accounts which will be needed by the User when creating Payment Entry.

As per this Setting, only Accounts needed for creating Payment Entry will be accessible to User and not others.