High client load on socketio-subscriptions for doctypes

In various situations I noticed a dramatic wave of browser requests like


having the doctype and the document name as parameter.

I assume its something the client does in response to a socketio-Information (like doctype changed) .

The intention is probably, to update that current view. But especially for large bulk operations (e.g. deleting 100 or 500 ToDo’s or Error Documents) its just killing the browser. Sometimes the server also seems not to be able to handle that many requests and everything stops.

Can this be improved? Perhaps the client could just never do more than N requests in parallel, dropping additional ones?

Thx Bob

Have you come across this issue in v12? After this PR, the performance of updating multiple documents has improved significantly. The POST requests frappe.desk.reportview.get are to update the list view in realtime and the GET requests with the additional parameters are to update the document list count at the top right corner of the view.

Indeed, it’s ok now. I possibly miss the nice progress diaglog though :wink: