"host_name" property in site_config.json for email links shows the hostname URL twice

I was modifying the host name property in the site_config.json but when I enter the hostname and send an email, the URL to the “view this in your browser” now shows the hostname twice in the following format:

I think this is a bug? Can anyone confirm this?

bump can someone confirm or replicate this?

Can you share the screenshot of your file. db_host is anyways an optional field if it is localhost.

@KanchanChauhan any help on this?

Did you try not having host_name is this file?

No. Is it not required?

I meant remove the host_name from the file and try.

Check this: frappe/data.py at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub

IF you have not set hostname in site_config.json then it tries Website Settings

Edit: not able to replicate this

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you can mark this as resolved. Thanks!

@jpp can you specify the issue (for the record)?