How can i upgrade to version 11

You guys have done a great job with v11 how can i upgrade my system

See this link

After created a new site, I can see only frappe . no ERP next in the new site. I tried to install erp next using application installer. But it says " waiting for update " after that nothing happen.

Any idea?

@trentmu I think staging branch is the v11 branch. Develop now is in v12. So if somebody wishes to try out v11 they can change to staging branch but I’m not very sure.

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Hi, I still cant upgrade to Version 11,
I was on version 11 develop, i reinstalled erpnext,
after that i am on version 10 master
now i see a popup that version 11.0.3 master major release is out
how can i upgrade to that, as when i do bench update it dont do any thing just says every thing is uptodate
also i dont want loose any data

You will have to switch the branches of both the ERPNext and Frappe apps to staging from the master branch (since you’re on v10).

Would recommend doing this on a separate bench if possible. And of course, back up the data.


Good Day Thanks for the reply,

After upgrade can I move back to master, reason I asking this,

  as Previously I was on Version 11 develop and I tried to switch back to master and there was lot of error as I think develop version have some extra compared to Master and hence it gives error  and then I did a reinstall.


You can upgrade easily but cannot downgrade, reason being that more tables, etc. are added. Hence the suggestion to create a separate test bench or backup the data so in case you want to switch back, you can do so easily.

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Is V11 Stable and ready to be used in production or not yet?

Thank You

Albertus Geyser

there are 2 indicators to check if you want to know whether v11 is offically release and likewise regarded as “stable” or “production ready”.

  1. Releases · frappe/erpnext · GitHub shows v11 as latest release (currently “pre-release”) and it’s tag does not contain the term “beta” any longer
  2. an announcement about v11 being officially released by the Frappe team here in the forum

I’d say if both indicators are positive it’s a reliable sign v11 is regarded stable
Nonetheless some may even then keep their production sights on v10 for a while if you are not eagerly await one of the features

Also you need to me sure of course to have a proven backup and recovery procedure in place before upgrading to a new version. If your site is on a virtual machine or some sort of container it may be the easiest to make a snapshot thereof before running the upgrade. If anything breakes you can easily roll back.


Is the staging branch available? Unable to upgrade.

Follow this thread, if you face some issues, some more remedies are given:

Would be best to back up your data, or if possible, install v11 on a separate bench to test out the system so you don’t lose your data